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The Context of Taiwanese as a Language and Its Revitalization

2020 TAANY Online Talk -5

Speaker|Tân Hong-hūi, Executive Director of Lí Kang Khioh Taiwanese Cultural & Educational Foundation

Host|Mu-Hua Chien

Curator|I-Chen Wang

Live-stream Operator|I-Chen Wang and Carlojam Wu

The fifth episode of 2020 TAANY Online Talks presented by Taiwanese American Association of New York (TAANY). In this episode, the speaker introduced the history of Taiwanes, how it got its name, and how it got suppressed by the KMT (Kuomintang, Chinese Nationalist Party that once ruled Taiwan by its military power after WWII) government. In terms of how to restore Taiwanese, she encouraged the younger generation to try speaking Taiwanese with their parents, even if they could barely speak it (Taiwanese is still the mother tongue of many Taiwanese in their 50 and above.)

2020 TAANY Online Talk

This series of online talks were live-streamed on Facebook from July 30th to December 23rd, 2020, directed by I-Chen Wang. The topics of these talks include how Hong Kong National Security Law affects the international affairs, Memorial for Former Taiwan President Teng-Hui Lee, the recent changes in the U.S. visa policies, the unfulfilled goals on transitional justice for indigious people in Taiwan, the history of Taiwanese (language) and the campaign on restoring it, and using elements of “Pún-tē Kua-á (a local form of folk opera that originated in Yilan, Taiwan)” in Taiwanese pop music.


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