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Challenges on Pursuing Transitional Justice for Indigenous People in Taiwan

2020 TAANY Online Talk -4

Speaker|Dr. Jolan Hsieh / Bavaragh Dagalomai, Professor of the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures at National Dong Hwa University and Director of The Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)

Host|Luke Lin

Curator / Live-stream Operator / Graphic Designer|I-Chen Wang

The fourth episode of 2020 TAANY Online Talks presented by Taiwanese American Association of New York (TAANY). In this episode, the speaker shared the current definition of Indigenous People in Taiwan, how they were treated by the majority in Taiwan over the years, and the history of them trying to get their names back. When talking about transitional justice, she made reference to Iris M. Young’s theory, that social justice is not just about the distribution of material elements. Inequality on rights and opportunities are also at the core.

2020 TAANY Online Talk

This series of online talks were live-streamed on Facebook from July 30th to December 23rd, 2020, directed by I-Chen Wang. The topics of these talks include how Hong Kong National Security Law affects the international affairs, Memorial for Former Taiwan President Teng-Hui Lee, the recent changes in the U.S. visa policies, the unfulfilled goals on transitional justice for indigious people in Taiwan, the history of Taiwanese (language) and the campaign on restoring it, and using elements of “Pún-tē Kua-á (a local form of folk opera that originated in Yilan, Taiwan)” in Taiwanese pop music.


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