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07 Last-minute Preparation for the Live-stream

By last minute, I actually mean any time prior to the live stream that day.

This is a list of what we were doing on April 15th:

12 pm

Dress Rehearsal

1:15 pm

End of Dress Rehearsal, final notes and we parted for other classes.

5-6 pm

Turned off all my devices for an hour

6 pm

Operated all the cues for the whole show by myself and double-checked if there were anything that needed my attention

7 pm

Entered zoom chat with all actors

preset all cues

turned off any software that wasn’t needed

turned on YouTube Studio to monitor the streaming connection

Actors put on make-ups and set up their props

7:40 pm

Something came up with one of the actors’ device and thus she shut it down and turned it on again- hopefully, it worked fine until the end of the live stream

7:45 pm

Preset all the cues again

Go Live on YouTube Studio for the waiting room animation and music

Made announcement on YouTube Live Chat

7:55 pm

Double-checked all the cues

made sure actors were all online

checked streaming connection

8 pm

Made announcement on YouTube Live Chat

Unmuted all actors on OBS

Show began


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